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Year: 2020

Issues:Vol 10 | No. 2 Issue II September 2020




pdf1. Celik Y. The Role of Biostatistics in Medical Research

pdf2. Aydogan T. et all. Biruni English Medical School...

pdf3. Eryavuz M. et all. Basic Knowledge in Common Clinical Statistical Methods

pdf4. Cakmak Y. Music Therapy in the World and Turkey

pdf5.Ozturk BB and Ozturk B. Evaluation of the Effects of Therapeutic Posture Exercise on Spine

pdf6. Ciraci E. et all. Evaluation of Thrombin- Antithrombin Complex... 

pdf7. Tutus S. MR Arthrography and Arthroscopic Correlation 

pdf8. Akis Yildiz Z et all. The Association Between Meteorological Factors and the Incidence ...

pdf9. Akpinar YE. et all. Multiparametric Evaluation of Soft Tissue Lesions 

pdf10. Percinci NB. Association of Type 2 Diabetes Risk with Some Anthropometric 

pdf11. Aral E. et all.The relation of bone mineral density with the serum levels of 25 hydroxy

pdf12. Akarsu R. et all. Investigation of the Effect of Sensory Integration Therapy