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Year: 2019

Issues:Vol 8 | No. 1 December 2019




pdf1.Celik Y. The Importance of Biostatistical Methods in the “Evidence-Based Medicine”

pdf2. Ciraci E, Tetik S and Ahmad S.The Role of Cytokines and Immune System in Unexplained Infertility REVIEW

pdf3. Veranyurt O. Usage of Artificial Intelligence in DOS Attack Detection

pdf4-Akalin B and Veranyurt U. Analysis on the Errors in the Pre-analytical Process in a Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

pdf5- Veranyurt U, Betul Akalin B and Akkoc T.  Immunoregulatory Effect of DF-MSCs Derived from Lymphocytes of Children on Patients with Asthma

pdf6. Cikim G et all. Homocysteine and Lipid Levels in Hypertensive Coronary Heart Patients