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Year: 2017

Issues:Vol 6 | No. 1 April 2017




pdf1. Celik Y. Misuse of Information Technology in Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

pdf2. Icer MA., Sanlier N. A Review Pharmacological Effects of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) on Human Health

pdf3. Rana Y et all. Turkish- Digital Speech Audiometer Comparison of Live and Compact Disc Performances in Subjects with Normal Hearing and with Hearing Loss..

pdf4.Ayana B., Baksi A. Examination of Surgical Hand Washing Practices of nurses and Doctors Working in the Operating Room

pdf5. Meral G et al. Children’s Mood Undergoing Disciplining Process in Turkey

pdf6.Ozturk B.,Altinoluk T.Effects of 12 Weeks Huber Motion Lab Training on Strength Walking Performance and Balance on Foot Drop A Case Report