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Year: 2016

Issues:Vol 5 | No. 1 Appril 2016




pdf1. Tevfikoglu l. and Akbulut G. Sucralose and Cancer

pdf2. Silfeler DB. et al. Effect of Coasting Duration on In-vitro Fertilization Cycle Success

pdf3. Kıbrıs Cevheroglu S and Cagliyan S. Levels of Knowledge of Patients Aged 40 and Older Diagnosed with Hypertension

pdf4. Yenidede I. et al. Inherited Thrombophilias and Preeclampsia

pdf5. Kıbrıs Dag S and Abic A.  Determining Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours of Nursing Students

pdf6. Tanidir IC et al.    The Relationship between Clinical Course and Levels of Ferritin and Alpha Fetoprotein in Children with Acute Hepatit A Infection

pdf7. Vahapoglu A. et al Comparison of Bolus and Infusion of Esmolol on Hemodynamic and Parathormone Responses to Tracheal Intubation

pdf8. Erkus E et al. Prevalence and Correlates of Vitamin D Deficiency and Insufficiency Among Adult Outpatients

pdf9. Ayar MK. Restoration of Posterior Cavities with Bulk-Fill Composites Case Reports